Plugway – Plug-in Power Ducting

PLUGWAY Plug-in Power Ducting

Machine and equipment re-locations accommodated instantly by providing plug-in tap-offs to protected power anywhere along the line!!

Plugway power ducting is ideal for production installations which require either frequent or infrequent changes in layout or equipment locations.  Typical applications include: garment manufacturing, car assembly and trim lines, together with any other production environment involving power tools, lighting or small motors up to 15amp.


Our Plugway system is attractively styled with insulated copper busbar conductors housed in a heavy gauge bright drawn aluminium ducting.  Five busbars allow a totally flexible system to accommodate any combination of three phase or single phase tap-off plugs.

Nova’s Plugway ducting is available in 1.5 m and 3m lengths as standard.  The lengths butt together and are held by external top coupling strips. We also have right angled and tee joints making the Plugway system suitable for a variety of configurations.  End feed, centre feed and blank end lengths are available as required.


Plugway Plug-in Power Ducting



Plugway Tap-off Plugs

The fused tap off plugs, which are suitable for flexible cable, are available in 3 current ratings, with an optional switched plug version.

Plugs are simply inserted into the shielded busbar slot and twisted through 90 degrees to achieve a simple, safe power connection, providing power wherever it is needed.  There is a safety catch which needs to be released before removal, to avoid unintentional disconnection.


Plugway fused Tap-off Plug